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2009-08-20 23:26:57 by DreadDude

Sup n***az, check out my Raptr Page.
Make one yourself, if you are interested in seeing how often you really play games. Since I've made it, I've played 30 hours of Fable 2. Haha

Checkin in

2009-06-01 00:35:51 by DreadDude

If 3 people want me to, I will download Flash on my new computer and start animating again. Otherwise, nothing new is going on with me -- for those who care -- except that I've moved on to Visual Basic. Much easier to work with (in terms of gaming) than Flash (imo), and I have an RPG started. Who doesn't like RPGs? If you want to play it when I'm done (if I ever finish), comment :)

Zero Business

2009-01-03 14:34:33 by DreadDude

Got a new computer (Alienware), and Flash stayed on my old one. I stole that from somebody off Limewire anyways and I really don't want to download Limewire (that program probly gives viruses) again.


No more flashes will come from me. Like anybody sees this anyways.


2008-12-01 21:39:07 by DreadDude

I was at first making a flash but then I quit cuz it was boring, but now I'm making another one! lol...

Not really

2008-08-14 19:17:56 by DreadDude

I WAS making a flash but it is so piss boring without any kind of motivation, I just quit.


Yo, ho!

2008-06-23 11:13:20 by DreadDude

Making a flash! So yay... yeah...